Ok, you want to smell good but don’t know which perfumes to get? and  you want to spend a minimum amount of money? Well that’s hard! I suggest getting celebrity perfumes and not brand names( in my opinion ) because brand name perfumes  are really expensive. It may cost  $100 to $300! Some really popular celebrity perfumes ( that smell good too) you might want may be Justin Bieber perfume, Taylor Swift perfume, Jennifer Lopez perfume, Katy Perry perfume, Avril Lavigne perfume ( own it ^o^), and so many other celebrity perfumes. Check out the overall ratings and a customer review for Justin Bieber perfume, Taylor Swift perfume, Jennifer Lopez perfume, Katy Perry perfume, Avril Lavigne perfume below.  BTW these are from customers not me 😉

Justin Biber-Someday:  Overall Rating 5 / 55.0

The perfume is great for all ages. I get compliments with the flowery but not the whole over-doing it scent.
People have literally walked by me and adressed how intrigued they were by my ‘unrecognizable’ scent and I didn’t hesitate to mention my love for both the perfume and Justin Bieber himself.
Even though it’s been a year since i’ve purchased this, I still wear it all the time (I have two bottles since I thought it was necessary to buy the limited time someday when it came out too) I still get compliments on it too.
The scent is flowery, but elegant. The first spray stays the whole day. It lasts a long time!
The bottle is adorable and also mature enough for any age.
Someday will forever be my favorite perfume, and I would recommend it to anyone
Taylor Swift – Wonderstruck-Overall: 4.6 / 54.7
This is a good perfume and love the smell i cant wait for the second one shes coming out with it. But I wish it lasted longer though. This product is a must have.
Jennifer Lopez-Still Jennifer Lopez-Overall:  Average Rating4.0

I was buying all her perfumes when I ordered this one. It is exciting with a light lingering scent but also it doesn’t last long like a lot of perfumes…Worth buying for sure though.
Katy Perry – Meow-Overall:4.8 out of 5 4.8

This was the first perfume I smelt while out shopping for a new scent. I found myself comparing everything to Meow. It had every smell I wanted, a sweet perfume with a hint of vanilla n musk. I wasnt over powering like the others or to musky. I wear Fancy Love by Jessica Simpson alot and wanted something sweeter and this was perfect! Purr was also very nice but there was something about Meow that I loved.
Avril Lavigne- Black Star-Overall: 4.0
I dislike almost all perfumes. They are too strong or too flowery. This scent was perfect. The only reason I tried it was because I worked at Kohl’s when it first came out so I randomly sprayed it on my wrist on my way home one night. AND I NEVER DID THAT! Anyway, it was amazing. I loved it. My partner loved it. And every time I wear it people complement it, including my dad who is picky when it comes to perfumes. Not over powering.

Most celebrity perfumes cost $40~$90. I have Avril Lavigne perfume Black Star ( Avril’s 1st perfume she introduced) and I got it for $40 and it smells SO good! I highly reccomend it to Avril Lavigne fans.

❤ Claire


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